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Court ruling opening Wisconsin brings concern, Trump praise

By SCOTT BAUER Associated Press

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A court ruling tossing Wisconsin's stay-at-home order threw communities into chaos as some bars opened immediately and were packed with customers while other local leaders moved quickly to keep strict restrictions in place amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The conservative majority of the Wisconsin Supreme Court late Wednesday afternoon ruled that the "safer at home" order from Democratic

Gov. Tony Evers was invalid and threw it out effective immediately. The move drew praise from President Donald Trump on Thursday, who tweeted "The people want to get on with their lives.

The place is bustling!" Evers was meeting Thursday with Republican leaders to discuss next steps.

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Kevin 20 days ago
At least we dont have to hear conservatives and Republicans whine about "activist judges who legislate from the bench" any more - four of theirs just rewrote a law ... judicial overreach and activism at its best!

I have to be fair to Judge Haggedorn too - the anti-public school guy stepped up in his ruling and showed the others what a judge actually does. I gave him flack before and did not see his ruling on this coming.
Rommel 21 days ago
Bars in Port Washington were packed.....so much for social distancing,no one wore masks. Hopefully Covid 19 will eliminate most of the Wisconsin millennial Covidiots.
Kevin 21 days ago
Future cases and deaths are now officially the Trump-Roggensack-Vos-Fitzgerald results.
Party on Republicans!
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