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Evers calls resignation request for health leader 'insane'

MADISON, Wis. (AP/CBS 58) — Democratic Gov. Tony Evers is chiding a Republican lawmaker who called for the resignation of the state's health secretary, saying it was an "insane statement."

Sen. Tom Tiffany (R–Minocqua) was elected to Congress in a special election on Tuesday.

Tiffany released the following statement on Thursday calling for Department of Health Services Secretary-designee Andrea Palm to withdraw her name from consideration because of how she handled response to the coronavirus pandemic:

"Secretary-designee Andrea Palm must immediately resign from her appointment as Wisconsin Department of Health Services Secretary.

"The recent Supreme Court ruling confirmed that Ms. Palm's power grab exceeded her authority. Her shotgun approach to lock down Wisconsin has produced disastrous consequences.

"Wisconsin's economy and health care system are collapsing. Small businesses are closing their doors for good. Tens of thousands of people are struggling to apply for unemployment in an attempt to survive the storm she caused.

"New data shows us how we can make a targeted response to the Wuhan virus, but Ms. Palm will hear none of it. A native New Yorker, ally of Hillary Clinton's, and Washington, D.C. insider, Ms. Palm understands very little of our Midwestern values or how her decisions have devastated our way of life.

"Ms. Palm came here as Governor Evers' hired gun, and she will leave with Wisconsin's corpse if she continues."

The state Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled 4-3 that Palm exceeded her authority with a stay-at-home order.

Evers called Tiffany's statement "insane" and said "I know you are better than this."

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MykeRobow 21 days ago
Who woke Evers up ? It’s not time for him to check in with his teachers union handler is it ? Tiffany is absolutely correct!! This witch isn’t even a Dr !!!’ She is an Obama / Clinton political operative!! Her LinkedIn in page lists her attributes as being a “change agent” .....She is where she is strictly for political purposes, NOT for the welfare of Wisconsin.....
Chuck 22 days ago
I think the good Senator from Podunk Wisconsin should come on down to Milwaukee or Racine and visit a few ERs and Critical Care Units in the local Hospitals and maybe visit a few Old Folks homes in the area and the demand people resign because they were trying to prevent more suffering and death.
MykeRobow Chuck 21 days ago
Where should he start ? The empty housing unit at state fair or any of the other nearly empty Covid ERs ? Andrea Palm isn’t a Dr and she isn’t elected... SHE has no Business setting such extreme policy, AND NO medical background on which to make such recommendations.....
Lawrence 22 days ago
The belief going around certain circles this is somehow a deliberate attack on the economy orchestrated for political gain is appallingly batty. One look at all the other nations grappling with this pandemic in the very same manner absolutely disproves this theory.
The difference now, and when the Spanish Flu ravaged the world is now we had the science and information to deal with it in a responsible manner.
Turn off the propaganda shows filling you with misinformation.
RandyKundinger 23 days ago
This lockdown is over nation wide. We, as Americans, will NEVER participate in a voluntary lockdown again. We will completely ignore any further lockdown and if we are met with opposition, those opposing us will be delt with.

This is an economic collapse disguised as a virus. The virus didn't destroy your economy, your politicians did. Both Democrats and Republicans
Rommel RandyKundinger 22 days ago
Dealt with..how. If your talking about armed confrontations, them I'm ready for you...double tap.
Lawrence Rommel 22 days ago
You should know better than to engage at that low a level of "thought". Don't feed the haters.
Rommel 23 days ago
Tiff..newly elected, starting to try and make a name for himself.
Lawrence Rommel 22 days ago
Hopefully will be removed in the November election. Along with a whole lot of the former Republican Party.
They sure aren't Republicans under Turnip.
Matthew 23 days ago
She's overstated her welcome and has dumpsterfired the entire state....
Rommel Matthew 23 days ago
RandyKundinger Rommel 23 days ago
You heard him
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