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Evers gives up on virus restrictions amid GOP opposition

NOW: Evers gives up on virus restrictions amid GOP opposition


MADISON, Wis. (AP/CBS 58) — Gov. Tony Evers says he's given up on any statewide rules to control the coronavirus amid fierce Republican opposition.

"It doesn't make any sense to spend a lot of time doing something that we know isn't going to be successful," said Gov. Evers.  "They didn't want to do anything on a statewide basis, period. They didn't want more restrictions, period," said the Governor.

His administration had been working on a new emergency rule after the state Supreme Court last week struck down the governor's stay-at-home order.

However, it withdrew the outline for the rule Monday after a key Republican on the Legislature's rules committee accused Evers of trying to use the process to reinstate stay-at-home.

Evers said during a teleconference with reporter that there's no point in attempting a statewide rule because Republicans are clearly opposed to any restrictions and won't allow anything to take effect.

That leaves the decision about restrictions up to local governments.

"The City of Milwaukee still has an order in place, that order was issued last Thursday, we do not have an expiration date on that order," said Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

Mayor Barrett wants to leave the order in place and see how things progress.  "I will be meeting with our health department, as I do on a daily basis, in the next few days to see how we dial life as normal back up.

"We're all getting restless," said County Executive David Crowley.  But he warned that while things feel like they're getting back to normal, we're not there yet.

"We are not getting back to our own routine, so I don't want people to get comfortable to think there is a light at the end of the tunnel, because that would be dangerous thinking," he said.

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Kevin 18 days ago
The bottom line is the safer at home policy in Wisconsin and the stay at home orders throughout the country saved thousands of lives!
Doing it was smart and based on science and data. Re-opening should be done using science and data in order to save lives. True leadership is making tough decisions to help save lives. Lack of leadership is using a crisis to pander to emotions and try to politicize these decisions.

History will show that the Wisconsin supreme court rulings (going forward with election and ending safer at home with no plan) have cost lives. Vos and Fitzgerald never had a plan for re-opening based on any data. Recklessly endangering the public's safety is a state crime.
Repton1 19 days ago
Comrade Evers , so sad the scheme did not work , it was doing so well at bringing the citizens under our complete control. Ruining businesses and savings.
Kevin Repton1 18 days ago
Keep thinking that - the uptick in cases and deaths is now on Vos and Fitzgerald's hands ... the safer at home order had specific milestones to meet and the state was meeting them. Restrictions were being lifted slowly and with precautions. Keep lying your way into some sort of delusion. Facts are facts.
Kevin Repton1 17 days ago
The Maryland Department of Health reported 1,784 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases on Tuesday, setting a new high mark four days after the state began reopening its economy. Maryland is now reporting 41,546 cases, including nearly 2,000 people who have died from the disease.
Along with the new positive tests, 5,368 people tested negative for the coronavirus in the 24 hours leading up to 10 a.m. ET — meaning roughly 25% of the 7,152 tests in that period resulted in positive diagnoses.
28 other states (almost all that have re-opened or partially re-opened) showed increases in % of cases as well. But Florida has the answer ... they fired the health official responsible for reporting cases because she wouldnt "fix the numbers" - u know Republicans love transparency and all. This virus will be with us for a long time and unless people take precautions and are willing to make sacrifices - more people will die. Use data and increase testing.
NancyJ 19 days ago
Where is the other side of this story? What is the response from the legislator on the Joint Rules Committee? It sounded like the Governor just planned to reinstate the Safer at Home order instead of collaborating with legislators on a reasonable compromise. I guess when you’re the smartest guy in the room because of spending your entire career in education, you cannot stoop to a compromise.
Kevin NancyJ 19 days ago
the other side of the story is the Republicans in the legislature dont have a plan and never did ... they just dont like that they are not a majority party and have re-districted their way into thinking they are. Only the judicial activism of a blatantly out-of-control conservative supreme court is letting Vos and Fitzgerald act as if they were elected governor. That is why Justice Kelly lost and why Roggensack will be defeated. The people will be heard. If Republicans want to be governor - win the election.
DAVID 19 days ago
A big thank you to the legislature for sticking to it. As a nurse, I have seen the good and bad from everything out of this virus, including the furloughing of hospital staff that were supposed to be overrun by this virus. Our Governor's stay at home order was definitely bad!
Clover, I can't agree.
Kevin DAVID 19 days ago
which hospital do you work at where they were furloughed? were you ovestaffed? what did the governor have to do with that?
goodorbad DAVID 18 days ago
I hope they get to come back to work soon. Some people at my work are working in severe pain-they were due for shoulder, knee and hip surgery/replacement. Not life threating so surgeries were cancelled. They are essential workers and have been working in the factory every day since this Covid-19 began. Some days they have taken vacation or a point because the pain was too bad. They were all scheduled at the same network and that network has not yet re-opened. A gal who does scheduling and billing at this network just got called back so hopefully surgeries will too. Everyone where I work has been unable to get monitoring blood work done-refills for statins etc have been taken care of but people are freaking out that their liver, cholesterol counts, high blood pressure, etc may be on the bad side and not know. You know, the things that make you high risk. Catch 22. AND not all is diet and lifestyle-some is hereditary.
bfandjd 19 days ago
Glad Evers got struck down! Too many Wisconsinites are turning a blind eye to his dictatorship ways! Time to RECALL EVERS!
Kevin bfandjd 19 days ago
lol - go ahead ... good luck with that - his approval rating is at 61% ... please list the "dictatorship ways"
Clover 19 days ago
Thank you Governer Evers for trying your hardest. Coming from a nurse, your efforts are greatly appreciated!
Rommel Clover 19 days ago
David is probably a geriatric nurse for a nursing home.....not exactly front line.
goodorbad Rommel 18 days ago
Run that thru NYC.
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