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Gov. Evers warns of 'massive confusion' after ruling

NOW: Gov. Evers warns of ’massive confusion’ after ruling



MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers is warning of "massive confusion" after the the state Supreme Court tossed out the Democrat's stay-at-home order and Republicans said they may leave it up to local governments to enact their own unique rules for combating the coronavirus pandemic.

The court order threw communities into chaos, with some bars opening immediately while local leaders in other areas moved to keep strict restrictions in place to prevent further spread of the virus.

After a Thursday meeting with Evers, Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said GOP lawmakers and the governor may not be able to reach agreement and that a statewide policy might not be needed.

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Kevin 21 days ago
its all on the Republicans now -- i see people all crowded into bars and have to laugh ... you can pretend the virus has gone away but the data shows otherwise. The governor had a solid reopening plan that set up standards to meet (and the state was close to reaching) but now there is no plan and no direction. Any cases and deaths from here on out are at the hands of Vos, Fitzgerald, Roggensack, Bradley, Ziegler, and the booted out the door Justice Kelly
Bassgeye 21 days ago
No, there is no massive confusion. The DHS secretary has no authority to order businesses to close or people to stay shut in their homes. What she can order is those who are sick quarantine themselves and not infect others. That is ALL she can order. Dane and Milwaukee counties will have their own lawsuits to deal with. The U.S. constitution can NOT be suspended just because a few fraidy cats say so. EVERY state that has opened back up has seen a DECREASE in cases as activity escalated! Summer is here. Vitamin D helps keep folks safer from this virus. Staying locked up inside HURTS the people in so many ways. Get out and enjoy life again!
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factsmatter Bassgeye 21 days ago
Please provide valid sources for your 'facts' regarding all states that have opened up are seeing decreasing cases and vitamin D helps keep people safer from the virus. Your 'opinions' are worthless if only just your opinions and not based in fact. If you refuse or cannot provide valid sources for your 'facts' we all will know just how much your opinions are false, lies and the usual tripe you post here. -
factsmatter Ruth 21 days ago
Pleas closely interact with as many people as you can every day without any precautions or protections. Obviously from your view, you have absolutely nothing to fear or worry about. No one now is stopping you.
Kevin Bassgeye 20 days ago
Texas just reported its highest 24-hour death toll from the covid 19 virus since April 15th - u want the link to the facts ... youd have to pull your head outta the sand first
Bassgeye Kevin 13 days ago
There is a finacial incentive to call every death you can as COVID. In hospice with 4 days to live and you get COVID from your nurse and die ON SCHEDULE and you will be labels a COVID death because it PAYS more. Pennsylvania just had to pull 200 deaths off the death toll (and other locations have had to as well) because of over reporting. I have ZERO faith in death tolls. It also doesn't negate the fact that closing down everything when the flu comes to town DOES NOT WORK!
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