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Burglary in West Allis leaves woman without necklace honoring late father

WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A burglary in West Allis has put a woman on the hunt to get her priceless possession back.

It's a gold necklace that if Stevie Brandenburg wasn't wearing, she was definitely carrying with her. It's one of the few things she had left to remember her father by.

"There's no words you can really put in to explain what it's like to lose something like that," said Brandenburg.

The pendant on the necklace was her dad's thumbprint.

He had a stroke when Stevie was 16 and died after spending nearly a decade in a nursing home.

He didn't have much to leave behind so she got the necklace as a way to honor him.

She says it's gone now, taken when a burglar smashed in her window.

"It was anger at first, then when I started to realize what was gone, it was a lot of sadness," Brandenburg said.

Stevie says she's filed a police report. Her laptop and credit cards were also taken in the burglary.

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