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Traveling the roadways of Southeastern Wisconsin can be confusing and trying at times. The CBS 58 Ready Traffic Outlook with Andy Brovelli has you covered with the latest information on construction projects, road closures and conditions relating to your commute. Wherever you are headed in Southeastern Wisconsin, we've got you covered.

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The I-41 Good Hope Rd. Park and ride is now closed until July for reconstruction. Drivers should use the Pilgrim Rd. Park and Rd. during this closure.

A lane will be closed during the day North Ave EB/WB at 124th St for signal work.

A lane will be closed during the day Hampton Ave WB at I-41 for signal work.

A left-turn lane will be closed during the day 124th St NB at North Ave for signal work.

Another reminder that the I-41/US-45 SB to I-94 EB system ramp at the Zoo has reopened following a seven-month closure for reconstruction.  The I-94 EB to I-41 NB system ramp at the Zoo has reopened following a nine-month closure for reconstruction.

Finally the Wisconsin Ave. Bridge over the I-41/US-45 corridor has also reopened following reconstruction. 

As part of the Zoo Interchange project, a traffic switch along I-41 North is now in place. This traffic switch is in preparation for the upcoming opening of the I-94 East to I-41 North system ramp. Traffic along I-41 North will be shifted into its final configuration between Wisconsin Avenue and Watertown Plank Road.

Long term closures remain in place.


Watch for nightly closures in and around the Zoo Interchange.  Closures typically start at 10 p.m. and wrap by 5 a.m.

Long term closures remain in place.

ANOTHER REMINDER: Long Term closures

Another reminder that the exit ramp

The 84th St. on ramp to I-94 WB will only access the I-41/US-45 stretch until later this year. Traffic wanting to access west of the Zoo Interchange will need to get on the freeway at the 70th St. ramp.  Also the decision point for the I-41/US-45 system ramp will be moved back 1/2 mile.

Elm Grove Rd. over I-94 is now closed long term for reconstruction. The closure is expected to last until late summer 2017.

The I-94 westbound to I-894 southbound system ramp will be closed until the Fall of 2017.

Another reminder that the I-41/894 SB exit ramp to Greenfield Ave. is now closed through the summer of 2018 for reconstruction. The on ramp from Greenfield Ave. to I-41/894 SB will close through the fall of 2017. Also closing long term, the Lincoln Ave. exit ramp from I-894 SB is expected to remain that way through summer of 2018. Traffic along the I-894 southbound corridor will shift to the west or right side of the roadway starting at Lincoln Ave.