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Caron Butler calls it a career: Racine legend takes incredible journey to NBA

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- It's been a long road for Caron Butler. From 14 arrests to 14 years in the NBA, Butler was speeding down a bad path until solitary confinement turned his life around.

"I remember police officers just saying stay off the block. You are going to die out here. Something bad is going to happen. All of these conversations just boom, hit me at once," Caron Butler said.

He reached a crossroads. Take the right turn and get a fresh start, take the wrong turn and Caron knew exactly where he'd end up.

"Going to funerals and seeing people who were just next to you, lying on their back looking up at you and you're looking down at them and that could've easily been you in that situation. The reality of all of that set in and I knew I was destined to do something else," said Butler.

Something else turned into making more than $100 million in the NBA, Harvard Business School, and a permanent job as the role model of Racine.

Butler says his journey is now inspiring a new generation of students, "The kids can be like 'he came from where I came from. I can do it because he did it.' I'm no different from you."

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