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Glad You Asked: What are those military jets off the side of I-94?

(CBS 58) -- Have you ever been driving down I-94, just south of the Wisconsin border and seen a bunch of military planes and helicopters off the side of the road? What is that place?

Glad You Asked!

"This is my father's personal collection that's turned into a museum." said VP of the Russell Military Museum, Kyle Sonday. "We've been a registered museum since 1989. He's been collecting this stuff since the late 70s as a hobby."

The arsenal you see on the side of the interstate is the Russell Military Museum. It just opened for the season. 15 acres of US Military history. 200-plus fighter jets, helicopters, tanks and so much more.

"Any number of vehicles that could be considered a centerpiece for another museum." said Sonday. "The tanks the A-10 warthog, the landing vehicles. F15, F16. A number of very unique pieces that you won't find anywhere else."

The Russell Military Museum was recently featured on CBS 58 Sunday Morning. Watch that story here.

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