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How to check if you have unclaimed property in Wisconsin

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) – It’s like winning the lottery without buying a ticket.

Right now, there is $500 million sitting in the state’s possession waiting for someone to claim their share.

The money includes uncashed payroll checks, accounts receivable, and insurance policies.

It can happen if you move or if your bank just makes a mistake.

In 2017, the state has only given out $25 million of that $500 million.

“Someone’s address got changed from County Trunk J to County Trunk K in this bank system. And County Trunk K doesn’t exist, so it started coming back undeliverable," says Erin Egan, Director of Tax Operations with the STate Department of Revenue. 

It takes five minutes to check the state’s website and start a claim.

Just type in your name and see if anything pops up.

The state says it takes six weeks to get your property once they get the paperwork.

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