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New Bucks parking structure brings 1,250 new spaces downtown

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Parking in downtown Milwaukee isn’t always easy -- but the Milwaukee Bucks think they can help. 

On Wednesday, the parking garage next to the new arena will open, with 1,250 new parking spaces. 

The Bucks say fans will be able to get out of the structure after games in just about 30 minutes.

“It’s got wide lines, very accessible," said Mike Abrams with CAA Icon, the group overseeing the construction. "The exiting and entry times are great, so it’s completely designed for events." 

“Where you park is kind of the first impression and the last impression for fans," said  said Dustin Godsey, chief marketing officer for the Milwaukee Bucks. "We want to make sure we leave them with the best possible experience.”

The Bucks are looking for people to fill the commercial spaces on the ground level. Monthly rates range from $125 to $150.

The range for games and other events is around $15-$20. 

The ramp opens November 1 at 9:00 a.m.


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