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Racine & Me April 1, 2018: SAFE Haven, Noelle Hetzel, Homeless Piano Virtuoso, and the Song a Day Project

Jacob Kittilstad started his Easter Morning broadcast with a visit from SAFE Haven of Racine Inc. to talk about their Child Abuse Awareness event – which allows people to learn more about the function of the children’s center and meet people involved with the work. The event is family friend and includes activities for kids as well.  An original part of the event plan was to put out a pinwheel for every Racine-area case of child abuse or neglect – but that number is actually in the hundreds and the group can’t invest that much money into buying pinwheels. They hope the event will raise awareness about this hidden issue during April which is actually Child Abuse Awareness Month. Click here to learn more about SAFE Haven of Racine Inc.

Make-up and Special Effects Artist Noelle Hetzel will also be at the SAFE Haven of Racine Inc. event doing face-painting for children (and adults) who would like to take advantage of her skills. Her notoriety in the movie-making and fashion world has been growing.  She’s hoping to continue her education and grow her business – Wonderlust Studio. Noelle gave viewers a window into her process by creating a special make-up design inspired by Child Abuse Awareness Month. Click here to learn more about Noelle Hetzel

Next, Atone Pendleton Brooks shared his musical talents with viewers – as well as part of his life story. Atone is a classically trained pianist who fell on hard times when he was fired from his non-music job. Since then he has struggled through bouts of homelessness made even more difficult recently after a massive heart attack and worsening kidney disease (requiring dialysis three times a week). Now he has linked up with Living Faith Lutheran Church in Racine. They are helping him get back on his feet and are also encouraging him to rediscover his musical talents. The church is taking up a special offering for him on Sunday, April 15. Click here to learn more about how to get to the church

Lastly Jacob met Zachary Scot Johnson – a Racine musician continuing The Song a Day Project along with his rigorous touring schedule. Every day Johnson uploads a new song (either an original or a cover) and he has just crossed his 2,000 song mark. He has a few shows coming up in Racine and Milwaukee and he gave viewers a taste of his style with an in-studio performance. Click here to check out the Song a Day Project and click here to learn more about Zachary Scot Johnson

Guests: Justin Tighe – SAFE Haven of Racine Inc. AmeriCorps Outreach, Evie Kalmar – SAFE Haven of Racine Inc. Case Manager, Noelle Hetzel – Make-up and Special Effects Artist/Owner of Wonderlust Studio, Atone Pendleton Brooks – Classically Trained Pianist, Joannie Williams – Parish Nurse for Living Faith Lutheran Church, Zachary Scot Johnson – Musician and Creator of the Song a Day Project

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