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Racine & Me December 10, 2017: Burlington Ice Festival, Racine Co. Executive, 9 y.o. Football MVP, and Brew City Sisters

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Jacob Kittilstad chilled out with Mayor Jeannie Hefty while talking about the 2017 Burlington Ice Festival. This is the second year of the event and organizers are already making improvements. Artists will create 16 different sculptures carved from a 300-pound blocks of ice. Throughout the day people will be able to see live sculpture carvings with artists using tools including propane torches and intricate instruments – transforming the ice blocks into masterpieces. A state champion Ice Sculptor also “cut-in” multiple times during the show to show his progress on a piece made specifically for Racine & Me. Click here for more event information 

Next Racine County Executive Jonathan Delagrave stopped by to talk about what’s next for the Foxconn development. The discussion focused on where jobs will go, what type of preparation unemployed people can pursue, and how the county plans to pay back a loan of up to $80 million related to Foxconn infrastructure.

Also joining Jacob in the studio: a 9-year-old MVP for a Wisconsin Rise Football Team. She is the only girl on her team but – as a tight end / defensive end - she can out-run and out-tackle most of her opponents. She says that her goal is to be the “first girl to play in the NFL” and that her favorite player is Cam Newton.

Finally, the Brew City Sisters will be hosting a Day of Survival to bring awareness to suicide during the holiday season. The event will allow people to tell their stories and receive support from the larger group. Many individuals who have had thoughts of suicide (or even attempted suicide) are planning to come to the free event open to anyone who would like to attend. Click here for more information

Guests: Jeannie Hefty – Mayor of the City of Burlington, Mike Austin – State Champion Ice Carver, Jonathan Delagrave – Racine County Executive, Laila Collier-White – 9-year-old MVP and tight end / defensive end for Wisconsin Rise Football, Troy Collier – Wisconsin Rise Coach, Sister Sexy Angel – Brew City Sisters “Black Veil”, Lupe Parades – Planning to attend “Day of Survival”

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