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Racine & Me July 1, 2018: Paul Nehlen, Cathy Myers, Mark “Mr. Racine” Eickhorst Award at 4th Fest, and Masta Ace

Jacob Kittilstad brings the most controversial candidate for Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District on the program this week. Paul Nehlen was disavowed by the Republican Party of Wisconsin earlier this year after he made racist remarks online and during interviews. However - back in 2016 - Nehlen received about 10,000 votes in the GOP primary when he ran against Speaker Paul Ryan (he even received a thank you tweet from then-presidential candidate Donald Trump). Jacob asks Nehlen about what he’s telling voters about himself on the campaign trail – then Jacob confronts Nehlen with just a few of the posts from the candidate’s Facebook page which includes images and captions attacking Jewish people, African Americans, and Latino immigrants.

Staying with congressional politics, Cathy Myers joined Jacob in-studio to talk about why she wanted to get on the Democratic Primary ballot. She says that her background is in education and she currently is a school board member for the Janesville School District – her decision to get into politics motivated by her involvement protesting Act 10. She also shared her disgust with the treatment of immigrants and their families at the Southern border of the U.S. – and also talked to us about her goal to legalize marijuana.

4th Fest of Greater Racine is coming up and can’t be ignored in the city’s downtown. The festival boasts the title of “Largest Fourth of July Parade in the Midwest” and packs the sidewalks of Main Street between Goold Street and 14th Street - but you probably want to arrive well before the 8:45 a.m. start time if you want to secure decent seats. Jacob also meets the recipient of the first ever Mark “Mr. Racine” Eickhorst Spirit of Racine Award – an award created after Mark Eickhorst’s recent passing. In its inaugural year the award is going to the creator of the Ask Me Why I Love Racine campaign. Click here for more information on 4th Fest of Greater Racine

And – to close out the show – legendary hip-hop artist Masta Ace joined us to talk about how his latest album is coming along. The Brooklyn-raised rapper recently moved to New Jersey but he’s still putting a lot of work into his music in New York City working with producer Marco Polo. He also shared how he’s been coping with his multiple sclerosis diagnosis (he says that right now he’s basically a pescatarian – but could eventually become a vegan). He also performed the single “Brooklyn” from his forthcoming – yet unnamed – album. Click here to follow Masta Ace on Twitter

Guests: Paul Nehlen – Candidate for Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District, Cathy Myers - Candidate for Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District, Dustan Balkcom – Mark “Mr. Racine” Eickhorst Spirit of Racine Award Winner, David Maack – 4th Fest of Greater Racine Board Member, Masta Ace – Influential Brooklyn Rapper

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