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Racine & Me June 3, 2018: Caron Butler in Retirement, Daxton’s Fight Lemonade Stand, and the Kraut Music Fest

Jacob Kittilstad welcomed onto the program his co-worker and friend Scott Grodsky to chat about his recent one-on-one interview with Caron Butler. Few people loom as large in Racine athletics as the two-time NBA All-Star, and - now in retirement - he’s reflecting on the troubled moments of his youth and how he developed into the man he is today.

Next, the kids behind Daxton’s Fight explained their upcoming lemonade stand fundraiser and blood drive. Daxton LaRue was diagnosed with leukemia in March 2016 and he still has one more year of chemotherapy ahead of him. With his sister Adeline LaRue, the pair decided to do a fundraiser for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer and their effort continues this summer (with help from their mother). Click here for more information

Daxton’s Fight also poured Jacob a glass of lemonade and chatted about how they work together out at the stand. They also talked a little bit about the treatment for leukemia – and how they don’t try to dwell on the negatives of the diagnosis. Click here for more information

The 2018 Kraut Music Fest is coming up in Franksville and – in the 4th year of its revival – it’s bigger than ever. The festival dates back to the 1950s with the Frank Pure Food Company and its showcase of home-cooked kraut. Now many of the same traditions remain including the coronation of a “Kraut Queen” and the annual Sauerkraut eating contest. Catering by Danny at The Hickory Hall brought in some examples of what they’ll be serving at the event – including slow-cooked kraut ribs. Click here for more information on the Kraut Music Fest and Catering by Danny

Guests: Scott Grodsky – CBS 58 Sports Anchor, Caron Butler – 2x NBA All-Star, Angela LaRue – Mother of Daxton and Adeline LaRue, Daxton LaRue – Daxton’s Fight, Adeline LaRue – Daxton’s Fight, Niki Corbett – Kraut Music Fest Co-Chair and Marketing Director, Jim Svoboda – Kraut Music Fest Co-Chair, Michelle Martin – Catering by Danny at The Hickory Hall

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