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Racine & Me, May 13, 2017: Focus on Community, Harry Canady Vigil, and the Benjamin Brewing Company

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Jacob Kittilstad started Racine & Me this week by talking about his recent insecurities exposed in a failed arts and crafts project. He said he knows that other people in the world have much bigger problems, but small missteps can be disarming if you don’t check yourself mentally.

Two representatives from Focus on Community were Jacob’s first guest in the studio. The Racine organization has been around for decades and encourages young people to make healthy life choices and avoid substance abuse. The group also has teenage volunteers who work as peer educators – this is another way to make an impact. Focus on Community promoted their upcoming “Rubber Duck Derby” which sends hundreds of the yellow buoyant figures down the Root River. The event raises money for the non-profit’s programming. Click here to learn more

The event also has a companion art contest known as Duck-O-Rate. People are asked to donate money for a large duck which they then paint and later have judged. This is the arts and crafts project that Jacob was sad about. He had hoped to turn the rubber duck into a lamp, instead – due to the unexpected brittleness of the rubber – the project failed.

But Jacob has to put his problems in context with that of others. This week a Racine 20-year-old was gunned down on North Memorial Drive. A vigil was held to honor Harry Canady Jr. on Thursday. Racine & Me presented extended coverage of the emotional event, and discussed with Focus on Community their thoughts on how young people in the community should move forward. Click here to learn more

Next, Jacob welcomed to the studio the people behind The Benjamin Franklin Brewing Company. The microbrewery has been open for about a year and is the first brewery to operate in Racine since prohibition. The company recently took over concession responsibilities at the North Beach Oasis – and would like to work with the city on a comprehensive “beer tourism” plan. One of their goals is to encourage multiple prospective brewery operators to set up shop in Racine, and have maps and transportation provided for future visitors who are checking out the blossoming businesses. Click here to learn more

Guests: Destiny Smith – Focus on Community Teen Peer Educator, Jason Meekma – Focus on Community Executive Director, Jim Kennedy – The Benjamin Brewing Company Chief Brewer and Owner, Jim McVeigh – The Benjamin Brewing Company Marketing and Music Promoter

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