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Racine & Me, May 21, 2017: Burlington ChocolateFest 2017, Juiceboxxx, and a New Theme Song

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Jacob Kittilstad grumbled about how he didn’t especially like the current theme song for Racine & Me – but was quickly interrupted by legendary punk-rapper Juiceboxxx. The Milwaukee musician offered to create a replacement theme to be revealed later in the show.

The show’s first guests came to promote ChocolateFest 2017 which is happening in Burlington on Memorial Day weekend. The four day festival brings together music, food, and – of course – chocolate and chocolate-related activities. There is a dedicated air-conditioned area for events including chocolate carving, “Iron Chef”-style chocolate cooking events, and “Project Yumway” (which is like Project Runway, but with candy wrappers). Juiceboxxx then joined the group at the table to compete in “Giant Chocolate Jenga”. Click here to learn more about ChocolateFest 2017

Jacob invited Juiceboxxx to stay for an interview to talk about his upcoming album Freaked Out American Loser to be released by the Los Angeles record label Dangerbird. He talked about his most recent musical inspirations and what it means to him to turn 30. To end the show, Juiceboxxx performed the new theme song for Racine & Me – leading to a surprisingly emotional moment for Jacob. Click here to learn more about Juiceboxxx

Guests: Juiceboxxx – Punk Rapper, Linda Fellenz – ChocolateFest Director of Marketing, Casey Roberts – ChocolateFest Staff Member

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