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Looking for ways to keep your Facebook information safe? Delete people on their birthdays, experts say

NOW: Looking for ways to keep your Facebook information safe? Delete people on their birthdays, experts say


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Facebook's latest privacy problem is one good reason to unfriend people on Facebook. Experts warn that a large social network puts your information at risk.

There are some simple do's and don't s you can follow to keep your information safe.

Dave Levy joined Facebook in 2004 and over the years, his friend's list has skyrocketed to 2,400 people. Soon, his page was clogged with posts he had little interest in seeing.

"It's funny that we think of these relationships as friends but it's coworkers or a former client, former grad school colleague or someone you crossed paths with at a social event once," said Levy.

Cyber Security Editor Bree Fowler says an oversized social network can have privacy repercussions.

"The more people you have that can see your information, the more likely a hacker or someone who is not exactly who they say they are is going to sneak through," said Bree Fowler, Cyber Security Editor, Consumer Reports.

There are ways to protect yourself.

"You can create sub lists. Create different groups of friends, close friends, work friends, family. You can unfollow, you can mute, you can snooze people for 30 days," said Fowler.

Consider some routine housekeeping, as well.

"You have to do a quarterly purge. Go through and weed people out. What you can do, you know you get those Birthday notifications? Hey, wish someone a happy birthday. Well, if it's not someone you would post happy birthday to online, maybe you don't need them as friends anymore," Fowler said.

It's a strategy that has worked for Levy.

"Over the last 6 months to a year, I've reduced my friends to 600 to 700 people." Levy now sees more of the posts he wants to see.

Experts say you should never sign up for a website using your Facebook or Twitter information. They recommend you make a new account with a unique password.

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