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Man given 41 year sentence for role in shooting of nine-year-old

Tony Powell was sentenced to 41 years Friday for his role in the shooting of Za'Layia Jenkins.

Three men were allegedly involved in the shooting. Judge Mark Sanders told Powell Jenkins blood was "on his hands."

Powell allegedly shot 16 rounds from a military style assault rifle into a house along with the two other men after they were allegedly yelled at for dealing drugs outside.

Damonta Jennings was already sentenced to 35 years in prison for the homicide.

The judge said Powell received a longer sentence because he continued to deny his role.

Za’layia’s mother Destiny Boone says no sentence was long enough for killing her daughter, but she was happy with 41 years in prison, and an additional 20 of extended supervision

“She was really smart, beautiful, strong, and brave," Boone said. "That’s what i want to say about her. I’ll never have her again. And it’s hard. So I’m excited that he got 61 years.”

Powell still has unrelated pending cases both for armed robberyand an additional homicide.

The third suspect in the case, Otha Brown, has not been sentenced yet.

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