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Racine & Me, April 15, 2017: Mayor Dickert, Easter at Fellowship Baptist, and George Bray Neighborhood YMCA

NOW: Racine & Me, April 15, 2017: Mayor Dickert, Easter at Fellowship Baptist, and George Bray Neighborhood YMCA


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Jacob Kittilstad started the show with a brief ode the springtime warm weather. But as colder temperature disappear in Racine, so too will Mayor John Dickert’s influence. Last month, Mayor Dickert announced his plans to resign from his post during the summer and become the executive director of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative. In a multi-segment conversation, Mayor Dickert talked about why he decided to take the job. He also reflected on his nearly eight years as mayor and how his departure may affect the city.

Next, Jacob welcomed the lead pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church to talk about Easter Sunday. Although the religious texts and stories do not change year-to-year, the message delivered during service will be a reflection of current concerns in 2017. Viewers were also given a brief summary on the style of Fellowship Baptist Church – which has a dedicated “family” of worshipers involved in the community.

Last, representatives from the Racine Family YMCA talked about the event that will reintroduce the public to the George Bray Neighborhood YMCA (formerly known as the Bray Center). “Healthy Kids Day” will have a block party atmosphere focused on reaching out to people in the community in the surrounding neighborhood. The free event will have free food, games, as well as good information for parents about dental care and post-high school planning. Officials with the Racine Family YMCA say this will also be an opportunity for people to reacquaint themselves with the George Bray Neighborhood YMCA – which will fill a specific, unique role in that area of Racine.

Guest: Mayor John Dickert – City of Racine, David Sincock – Fellowship Baptist Church Lead Pastor, Heather Coleman – “Healthy Kids Day” Event Organizer, Ahmad Qawi – Racine Family YMCA Chief Operating Officer

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