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Racine & Me September 10, 2017: DACA Decision’s Impact, Eco-Justice Center, Preservation Racine Tour, and the Color Run

Jacob Kittilstad opened the show by welcoming Ilse Merlin to the studio to talk about President Donald Trump’s decision to rescind DACA. Merlin said that when she was growing up she had no idea that her status as a citizen was different from any of her classmates in Racine. She only realized that she did not have a social security number when she started applying for advanced classes and scholarships. She said that DACA gave her some stability as she graduated from Case High School – but she is speaking out, as it is unclear if Congress will pass similar legislation within a six month deadline. The Walworth County Chapter of Voces De La Frontera is working with Merlin and other young people in the region to put on demonstrations and strategize for what the future may have in store. Click here for more information on Voces De La Frontera

Autumn is quickly approaching and with it comes the Eco-Justice Center Fall Festival. The event gives kids the chance to get see traditional handiwork in action including fiber spinning, butter churning, bee-keeping, and calligraphy. The centers animals will also be around - including their photogenic alpacas. Click here for more information on the Eco-Justice Center Fall Festival

Preservation Racine has finalized its route for their 2017 tour. This is the 42nd year of the tour and organizers say that it’s lasted this long because people want to know more about the history of their community. One of the best ways to do that is to get inside some of the oldest surviving homes and buildings in Racine. Docents will be at every location along the tour to give more information. Click here for more information on Preservation Racine's 2017 Tour

And the Color Run is returning to Racine. Jacob confronted the “Runicorn” (the mascot for the event) and learned more about the race route from organizers at Real Racine. They also say that this will be the only official Color Run location in Wisconsin this year. Click here for more information on Color Run Racine

Guests: Ilse Merlin – Graduate of Case High School, Nancy Flores – Walworth County Chapter of Voces de la Frontera, Sister Rejane Cytacki – Eco-Justice Center Executive Director, Tiffany Behrend – Eco-Justice Center Fall Festival Chairperson, Steve Rogstad – Preservation Wisconsin Tour Chairperson, Cari Greving – Real Racine Events Manager, Runicorn - Runicorn

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