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Racine & Me September 3, 2017: Nora’s Eyes, Racine Auction of Public Art Pieces, and the HLYC Cardboard Boat Race

Jacob Kittilstad had his first unannounced guest cancellation this week and he was fortunate enough to be prepared. He had been holding on to an interview with the family of Nora Lawton – a young girl from Burlington diagnosed with a rare genetic disease: Bardet-Biedl Syndrome. There is no cure for BBS and the disease will eventually cause Nora to lose her eyesight. Friends of the family have helped put together an upcoming benefit for the foundation on Saturday, September 16. Click here for more information on the event

Have you ever seen a piece of public art and though “Hey, that might look nice in my yard!” Downtown Racine Corporation is once again giving people the chance to bid on artwork once kept on Racine’s streets. The Auction of the 2017 Public Art Pieces features about 25 works of art painted or crafted on statues of sailboats and Chris-craft boats. Some local residents have made it their tradition buying the pieces painted by specific artists – but it is a live auction and sometimes the competition can get pretty wild. Click here for more information on the auction

And the 5th Annual Harbor Lite Cardboard Boat Race is almost here to take over the Root River. Competitors must create their vessels on the day of the race and paddle about a half-mile without letting it fall apart. Organizers say duct tape and good planning are the main ingredients to a successful voyage. Also, all money raised during this year’s event will go to Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin – which is currently helping build tiny homes for veterans in the city. Click here for more information on the race

Guests: Nora Lawton – Child diagnoses with Bardet-Biedl Syndrome, Cailin Lawton – Nora’s Mother, Katie Moersfelder – Nora’s Eyes Fundraiser Organizer, Lois Braun – Downtown Racine Corporation Marketing Director, Jerrod MacFarlane – Harbor Lite Cardboard Boat Race Organizer, Mark Pigeon – Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin Communication Manager

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