School Bulletin: Class defines kindness with published book

School Bulletin: Class defines kindness with published book

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- One book in the Hoover Elementary School library stands out from the rest. “When You Show A Fourth Grader Kindness” was published by Dia Malek's fourth grade class this year.

"This group of students has just made me so proud," Malek says. "They're open to each other and they really are a family of kids now."

Malek says her class picked kindness not only as the theme of their book, but also to be one of their classroom norms. The teacher says she has tried to foster a space for the students to share their ideas and feelings.

"When we were making the book, we were just starting the year, and we didn't really know each other," Jakob, one of the students, says. "But while we were doing it, we got to know each other by kindness." 

Malek says the students show an early interest in reading and art this year so creating a book together seemed natural. And kindness was at it's core.

"Kindness is one of the most important things you can do to help other people if they're in hard times," Laila, one of the students, says.

"People don't really think of kindness as a really big deal so we wanted to make it more popular in the world," Eli, another student, says.

Each student contributed to the book's pages. Then Malek sent the final draft, with everyone's very best handwriting and pictures, to be printed. The bound book was finished this winter.

"Kindness became more meaningful to me," Haiba, another student, says. She also notes her classmates are using what was written "in their lives and to make the world a better place."

"I think one of the reasons we chose kindness was that no matter what happens at home, there's always somebody in the classroom that could come and cheer you up," Micah, one of the 4th graders, says.

Students and their families have purchased their own copies of "When You Show A Fourth Grader Kindness," which will be something to remember this year and beyond. Malek says she would do this project again with future class, but she adds any new books will look different, which is a good thing.

Order a copy HERE using the PIN 8111724.

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