CBS 58 Hometowns: Record shops

CBS 58 Hometowns: Record shops

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- While vinyl records were how many of us grew up listening to music, they went out of fashion with the emergence of the cassette and CD, only to come full circle as the physical medium of choice for music fans.

While streaming from Spotify of Apple Music may be a go-to option in the car, music purists still have plenty of neighborhood record shops in which they can celebrate the physical form of owning a new piece of music.

Despite tastes in the music formats changing over the years, the necessity of local record shops has remained important, whether those stores specialized in CDs, tapes or big stacks of vinyl.

During this week's 58 Hometowns segments, Natalie Shepherd will visit a variety of local favorite record stores throughout the Milwaukee area as they prepare for the popular Record Store Day on Saturday, April 20. From two local staples to one store that is opening its doors all over again under a new name, Natalie has is serving up the stories of record stores in Milwaukee during the CBS 58 news all week.

We kicked the festivities off by speaking to Daniel DuChaine, co-owner of Rush-Mor Records early Tuesday, April 16.

There is also a foodie way to spin your way to food, fun and lots of vinyl, which is why our Michael Schlesinger is visiting The Fermentorium in Cedarburg!

For folks at a loss on what to do on Record Store Day this coming Saturday after picking out their favorite records, one option might be a trip to The Fermentorium in Cedarburg. Beside the two dozen beers on tap, there's the food off the menu like the jalapeño Hawaiian pizza, German dog and chicken sandwich. They also aim to offer an extensive collection and selection of vinyl records, even new ones.

Learn more by visiting them online by clicking here.