Central Standard's new bourbon tasting table made from Pabst Mansion's historic ash tree

NOW: Central Standard’s new bourbon tasting table made from Pabst Mansion’s historic ash tree

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A historic ash tree that stood outside the Pabst Mansion in Milwaukee for more than 100 years has a new home. 

The 20-foot long, 3,000 pound bourbon tasting table made of the historic tree was brought to the Central Standard Craft Distillery's new downtown Milwaukee location.

The tree was planted in 1908 and stood outside the Pabst Mansion until it fell in 2019 from a lightning strike. 

That's when the search for a new home began.

The distillery's co-founder called Monday's move a big day.

"This is a big step for Central Standard," said co-founder Evan Hughes. "We doubled down on Milwaukee. We feel like we can add a lot of value to the area and be something that Milwaukee and Wisconsin will be very proud of."

In addition to having a tasting room, it'll include a restaurant and rooftop patio.

A tentative opening date for the new distillery is set for July 22.

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