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Cudahy pulls out of suburban Milwaukee safer at home order

NOW: Cudahy pulls out of suburban Milwaukee safer at home order


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Cudahy will no longer be part of Milwaukee County’s safer at home order.

The agreement between the remaining suburban municipalities and Milwaukee remains in place. Cudahy said it dropped out of the agreement, issued Wednesday, over what it said is differing and updated legal guidance.

Milwaukee County and city leaders expressed disappointment during the daily briefing. Officials said they would be following scientific advice and data as they gradually relaxed the safer at home order. However, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said he believed Cudahy’s decision is based on politics rather science. As a result, Milwaukee County now has one part missing from the local safer at home order.

County data show Cudahy had 23 coronavirus cases in the last 14 days, nine in the last seven, and some of the other smaller municipalities also showed a similar trend. Milwaukee County as a whole though, is not showing a positive or negative trend for coronavirus cases.

Barrett said the increased patchwork among counties and now municipalities will likely spread the virus as he acknowledges people want to get out of their homes.

“Clearly you’re going to have different communities and you’re probably going to have people from Milwaukee going to bars in Cudahy,” said Barrett.

Barrett said some counties are following advice from the Wisconsin Counties Association. He believed the advice is incorrect and said local health departments have the ability to order these stay at home directives for their citizens.

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Amber414 19 days ago
People are so ignorant oooo I probably wont get it or I wont get that sick if I do but what about the other people around you idiot c mon be serious even if your symptoms are not that serious you can still spread the virus and to that person it can be deadly!!
I totally agree! Right now the people that are defying The Stay at Home Order are selfish . Its an all about me attitude
JJM 19 days ago
We live in Oak Creek and drove out to Brookfield yesterday for a nice dinner at Jose’s Blue Sombrero. Everything was done responsibly, servers wore masks, guests were seated at every third table. Since we are not in a high risk demo our odds are very low of getting extremely ill... if we get the virus we will likely have mild flu like symptoms for a few days as we help to develop herd immunity. THANK YOU Wisconsin Supreme Court for our freedoms and the opportunity to act as responsible adults.
The servers wear masks but the customers do not...How about door knobs, bathrooms, are they sanitized after each patron uses them?
Kevin JJM 19 days ago
sounds like a nice dinner - and if u do contract it sounds like you feel it will be Ok - but when u pass it on to someone else and they pass it to an elderly family member it may be much more serious for them ... is a meal out really worth any kind of increased risk? Oh and the original Safer at Home order by the governor would have ended in 11 days ... the Supreme Court ruling didnt liberate you from anything
Marc 20 days ago
Geez......talk about mass confusion........
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