Effort to illumunate Milwaukee's Hoan Bridge projects a bright future for the city

NOW: Effort to illumunate Milwaukee’s Hoan Bridge projects a bright future for the city

A group of local business and civic leaders are working together in an effort to light the Hoan Bridge.

The group Light the Hoan has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help raise funds for the project.

According to the project website, members plan to meet with community and business partners to also raise money.

People are asked to pay at least $25 to donate and dedicate one light bulb. The group says each bulb would tell the story of a person or organization that has had an impact on the city. The estimated project cost is between $4-5.5 million.

On CBS 58 Sunday Morning, Jessica Tighe spoke with the organizers of Light the Hoan to learn about their motivations

More information on the project and where to donate can be found on Light The Hoan’s website.

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