Decked out Bucks fans fill plaza for Game 2

NOW: Decked out Bucks fans fill plaza for Game 2

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Fans in the plaza came in confident Thursday night, knowing Giannis would play before they arrived.

They stormed the Deer District for Game 2 of the NBA Finals, with all sorts of antler headgear.

"My buddies were like, you know what would be great? If you just wore the cowboy hat. And then they were just...throw some buck horns on it and there you go."

"I saw a bucket of White Claw walking through the Deer District in like the first series. And I thought, you put a pair of antlers on those and they're going to be a hat."

Other fans' antlers have more sentimental value.

"I got these in 2001 and I brought them to Game 6 when we beat Philly," said Bucks fan Tiffany Stark.

Some fans are new to the team. Others have been waiting a while for the moment.

"I think the Bucks are going to win today, they're going to crush them," said Eliano Gamboa.

"I've been in Milwaukee since '94," said fan Tom Connor. "I've been waiting since then. I admired Kareem and Oscar Robertson and their first one from a distance. I'm thrilled to be part of it right now."

Either way, they enjoyed coming together for the Bucks.

"This is just crazy," said Bret Smith. "Honest to God, I mean this is just something else."

City leaders expect an even bigger crowd when the Bucks come home for Game 3 on Sunday.

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