From farmers markets to storefront: Hen's Deli opens its doors in Walker's Point

NOW: From farmers markets to storefront: Hen’s Deli opens its doors in Walker’s Point

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- After three years of selling bagel sandwiches at various farmers markets across Milwaukee, a local family is now opening their own deli in Walker's Point. 

"We were sold out at every farmers market a few hours in. There was only so much we could produce," said Vivian Sotolongo, the owner of Hen's Deli. 

It's a family owned and operated business between Vivian, her boyfriend Lucas and their kids. 

"It's a lot of hard work around the clock. It's waking up at 2:30 in the morning - 'don't forget garbage bags,'" said Sotolongo, reflecting on the journey it's taken her to get here. 

She and Lucas both have experience working in delis. The family of butchers turned business owners credit being able to open their own deli to their loyal customers. 

"We had people coming from all over the place," said Sotolongo. 

Cole Compton is one of those customers. 

"Usually, my favorite would be the rosemary sea salt bagel. I would get a half dozen of them every time and then freeze them," said Compton. 

And on Thursday, Dec. 22, he walked through Hen's Deli's doors for the first time to order his bagel and support the new storefront. 

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