MobCraft brewery celebrates sour beer with annual event

NOW: MobCraft brewery celebrates sour beer with annual event

MILWAUKEE (CBS58) -- A local brewery is kicking off spring with an event all about sour beer.

This Saturday, MobCraft Beer in Walker's Point will hold its fifth annual Sour Fest. The event included sour beers on tap, sampling sessions, and a pop-up bottle shop.

What is it that makes sour beer different? Brewers at Mobcraft say it is all in the bacteria, the same one used in probiotics like Greek yogurt. They also tell CBS 58 that sour beer production is one of the oldest forms of beer production in the world and though it lost some of its popularity, it is making a comeback.

They also say these beers might remind you of your favorite vino.

"You'll get like tannins. You'll get acidity. You'll get fruit flavors. You'll get leather. You'll get all the things you can find in the finest wines available you can also find in sour beer as well," MobCraft Co-Founder Andrew Gierczak said.

Breweries from the state will also be sharing their sour beers at the event. For more information, visit the MobCraft website HERE

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