New ramps reopening near Zoo Interchange ahead of morning commute

The Zoo Interchange has been an area in a constant state of change since the project started several years ago. Although we are still a couple years away from completion, drivers will continue to see new traffic patterns and new ramps closing and reopening around the core of the interchange.

A new traffic switch is in place along I-894 north.  Changes along this stretch of road are as follows:

  • The Greenfield Ave. entrance ramp to I-894 south will have another lane added.
  • The far right lane along I-894 south will be an exit only to National Ave.
  • Reopening after a two month closure for reconstruction will be the National Ave. on ramp to I-894 north.
  • At the Zoo Interchange the 84th. St. on ramp will reopen and ONLY have access to I-94 west. Access to I-41 north remains closed fro reconstruction until Summer 2018.

As with most changes be sure to plan on extra time if you use these routes for either of your commutes. Be sure to follow @ABrovelli and watch the CBS 58 Morning News for the latest on the Zoo Interchange Project and other construction projects throughout southeastern WI. 

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