A patty-sized fried cheese curd oozing from atop your burger? The CurderBurger is coming back

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Thousands of Culver's customers around the nation were able to sample the CurderBurger during its brief launch last October, but this year, there's more than one day for patrons to bite into a patty-sized cheese curd atop a ButterBurger.

Culver's has announced that the CurderBurger is returning to their chain from Oct. 12 - 31, just in time for National Cheese Curd Day on Oct. 15.

During its one-day debut last year, the CurderBurger sold out of most locations within a matter of minutes. Customers lined up early and often to get a taste, which seems to be why Culver's is excited to launch the burger for a longer stretch of time this year.

If you missed out last year, 2022 offers a larger window of opportunity to taste this unique burger.

What makes it so unique? The answer is simple: imagine a Culver's ButterBurger with a large fried cheese curd, roughly the size of a hamburger patty as part of the burger. If your vision involves cheese flowing out of the burger after biting into it, that is an accurate description of a CurderBurger.

The item started out as an April Fools' Day joke, but thousands of people signed a petition last year to persuade the restaurant chain to make the burger a reality. It only saw a one-day run last year, but after much demand from those who loved the burger and lamenting from those who never got a chance to try it, the decision has been made to launch it again.

For more information, visit Culvers.com.

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