School Bulletin: StoryWalks bring readers outside

School Bulletin: StoryWalks bring readers outside

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A librarian in Greendale is taking story time outside and blending books with nature for elementary school students.

"There's something different about moving and learning, moving and reading. It's just something fun," Tara Jordan, the elementary school librarian for the Greendale School District, says.

Jordan, who is new to the district, set up StoryWalks at College Park, Canterbury and Highland View elementary schools -- each featuring a different illustrated book by an indigenous author.

"I wanted to do something that was meaningful and provided our students with an 'own voices' experience. That was really important to me," Jordan says. "It provides a more authentic voice, a more authentic experience. It's giving a voice to communities that have been marginalized."

Jordan says although the StoryWalks were installed for Native American Heritage Month, her intent is always to give students access to a wide variety of authors and illustrators with different backgrounds and experiences.

"These books are so important and available to our kids at all times," Maggy Olson, Director of Equity and Instruction of Greendale School District, says. "It's important that we do start this at a young age [and] that kids are able to say 'Hey, that looks like me!'"

The StoryWalk Project was developed by Anne Ferguson, a librarian from Montpelier, Vermont. The goal was to make reading interactive with pages printed and tied to stakes. Young readers can then follow the story down the designated path.

Jordan says she will continue creating StoryWalks for the schools, and she adds it's an experience the entire Greendale community can enjoy.

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