15th Annual Walk for Wellness kicks off amid violent week for kids

NOW: 15th Annual Walk for Wellness kicks off amid violent week for kids

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Thursday, July 20, kids from several Milwaukee neighborhood programs had a fun-filled day at Kadish Park, working out their bodies and their minds.

It was all a part of Milwaukee's 15th Annual Walk for Wellness event.

"We are so excited to celebrate with our young Milwaukeeans today," said Renee Logee, executive director of the United Neighborhood Centers of Milwaukee (UNCOM).

Hundreds of kids took part in activities and practices meant to stimulate their minds and bodies.

Kids were able to make arts and crafts, learn about proper nutrition and play therapeutic drums.

"More positive, and safe, and engaging and fun activities," said Logee.

While Thursday was focused on fun, it didn’t take away from the stark reality many families face in Milwaukee.

"We are seeing a lot of non-fatal shootings happening, part of that is still a small number of people who have access to firearms that shouldn’t have them," said Ashanti Hamilton, City of Milwaukee Office of Violence Prevention.

Hamilton called for state and federal help to curb the violence throughout the city.

Since Monday, three children were hurt in three separate shootings.

"If we had requirements for what people needed to do in order to store their firearms, that would be helpful," said Hamilton.

A decision health advocates said will move our city forward.

"This is starting the discussion early, this is trying not to respond to a crisis, but to prevent the crisis," said Terry Mcguire, mental health advocate.

For more information on UNCOM, click the link here.

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