A delicious debate: What is a sandwich?

A delicious debate: What is a sandwich?

MILWAUKEE, WI (CBS 58) -- Merriam-Webster defines "sandwich" as two or more slices of bread with a filling of meat, cheese, jam or various mixtures placed between them. But how do you define it? CBS 58 hit the streets to find some answers to this delicious debate. 

A lot of people mentioned the hot dog when asked about the definition of a sandwich. To find the missing link, we headed to Usinger's to speak with Fritz Usinger, the president of Fred Usinger, Inc. 

"Sausage is serious business," said Usinger. 

When asked his definition of a sandwich Usinger said, "Basically, you have to have two pieces of bread or roll to make it a sandwich. The category of sandwiches is so big." 

Usinger said that in a pyramid of sandwiches, something with sausage would be at the peak. 

The evidence pressing us like a panini, continuing to pile up. Our next stop was to Cousins Subs to visit a sandwich savant. 

We sat down with Jason Westhoff, the president of Cousins Subs, and asked him to define a sandwich. 

"In our industry, it would be two pieces of bread around whatever you want to eat in the middle," said Westhoff.

Westhoff also said Cousins Subs would be at the top of a sandwich pyramid. 

"The sandwich is the go-to meal of America it has been for years," said Westhoff. "When you think about lunch pails in general sandwiches are always in there. Really, at the end of the day, sandwiches are not going away they just continue to evolve."

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