Activists in Milwaukee march for Tyre Nichols

NOW: Activists in Milwaukee march for Tyre Nichols


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- In Milwaukee, activists took to the streets chanting for justice for Tyre Nichols Sunday, the 29-year-old killed by Memphis police over a traffic stop early in January.

Tensions surged when body camera footage of the incident was released, after five of the officers involved were charged.

Over 50 people from various activist organizations, along with family members of local victims of police brutality, marched from North Water and State to the Milwaukee Police Administration building.

They say they're calling for justice for Tyre, but also transparency and community control in local policing.

"It's a national day of action in solidarity with Tyre Nichols, his loved ones, his family and all victims of police crimes," said Chavoya.

The Outreach Chair for Milwaukee Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression Alan Chavoya says starting the march where they did in Milwaukee was significant.

"I mean we're standing here in Dontre Hamilton Park, a name that should resonate with all Milwaukee citizens," said Chavoya.

The 31-year-old with a history of mental illness was killed by Milwaukee police. The officer who killed him was fired but not charged.

Many protesters Sunday, like Carly Klein with Reproductive Justice Action Milwaukee, say what happened to Tyre is the latest example of the continuing issue of police brutality.

Klein says in her work she has been trained in de-escalation.

"Watching that video, I saw so many different ways that the police could have intervened without that type of brutality and quite frankly, it's disgusting," said Klein.

Protesters chanted the names of many recent victims of police brutality, and stood in solidarity with protestors in Atlanta, currently fighting the construction of a $90 million police training facility that will resemble a city.

They say that facility will be used to practice more occupational oppression on Americans.

"No longer should people in Atlanta accept the building of military bases for police. No longer should we in Milwaukee accept people dying in the dungeon that is MSDF," said Party for Socialism and Liberation Milwaukee member Stone Johnson.

Brieanna Green, sister of 21-year-old Brieon Green who died in the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility, also spoke.

"It's been seven months and we still have no answers. No transparency, nor seeing the whole video of what happened to Brieon Green," said Brieanna Green.

Chavoya says while charges have been brought to five officers involved in the killing of Tyre Nichols, more charges should be brought, and quickly, something he says Milwaukee police don't do.

"This is showing us it can be done and it should be the standard," said Chavoya. "We've been demanding that the Fire and Police Commission create a policy that requires the names of officers involved in case of misconduct to be released in 24 hours and all footage related to those cases of misconduct to be released within 48 hours of an incident."

He says they have already had discussions with the Fire and Police Commission and are hoping demonstrations like theirs advance their goals.

"No one should have to wait so long to see what happens to their loved one that night," said Chavoya.

Police say Brieon Green killed himself while in custody in July, his family disagrees.

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