American support for U.S. Supreme Court drops: MU Law Poll

NOW: American support for U.S. Supreme Court drops: MU Law Poll

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The U.S Supreme Court rapidly lost support from the left after a string of recent decisions including leaving a controversial Texas abortion law in place, according to Marquette Law Poll Director Charles Franklin.

"The court had an unusually active August, and it's had some effect," Franklin said.

The national poll found support for the high court has fallen from 60% in July to 49% in September. The drop is fueled by Democrats and independents.

Over the last two months, Democratic support fell by 22 points, and independent support fell by 10 points. Franklin says the high court is trying not to appear partisan.

"We've seen now three justices going out and giving speeches about how the court is not making political decisions. Breyer from the left, but then Coney-Barrett and then Clarence Thomas."

Franklin says 49% approval is notably low for the judicial branch.

"Our polling and others have persistently seen them in the high 50s, the 60s."

Americans continue to trust the court more than any other branch.

The poll found 16% of Americans trusted Congress, 25% trust the President, and 58% trust the Supreme Court.

Franklin said that is largely driven by independents.

"They've consistently stuck by the court as the most trusted branch, while partisans clearly flip flop between the presidency if their guy is in office, and the court if their guy is out of office."

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