CBS 58 Hometowns: Discovery World

CBS 58 Hometowns: Discovery World

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- After the previous two Hometowns tours of Marquette University and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, CBS 58 is ready to showcase another beloved Milwaukee educational facility.

This week's featured stop is a bit different, focusing more on hands-on learning and fun for all ages: Discovery World.

CBS 58's Jessob Reisbeck is set to showcase much of what makes Discovery World so special, from the Reiman Aquarium to Summer Camp opportunities. There is much to see on the lakeshore staple.

Discovery World's president and CEO, Bryan Wunar, provided insight into the science and technology center's rebranding process and programs during an interview on Tuesday, March 14. He also highlighted programs that people might not know about.

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