CBS 58 Hometowns: East Troy Christmas Train 🚂

CBS 58 Hometowns: East Troy Christmas Train 🚂

EAST TROY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- This week as part of CBS 58's Hometown tour, we're taking a magical ride on the East Troy Christmas Train. 

Conductor and Operations Manager Jim Feyerherm joined CBS 58 Tuesday morning, Dec. 5 with a preview. 

When it comes to "The Elegant Farmer," there's a lot to it. It's a farm kitchen bakery, deli and market all in one. This popular Hometown spot is known for its "Apple Pie Baked in A Paper Bag" and the "Smilin' Barn."

New this year is a little wine shop on site called "The Elegant Cork." It's a great place to pick up a holiday wine or two from Wisconsin wineries. You also might find a Risling to go with the pie or a Malbec to pair with the chicken pot pie you can purchase in the store or online. The address is 1545 Main Street in Mukwonago. The location is off Hwy 83.

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