CBS 58 Hometowns: Racine

CBS 58 Hometowns: Racine

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Nicole Koglin was in Racine Thursday, April 21, as part of CBS 58 Hometowns!

Ahead of her visit, we spoke with Kelly Kruse from Downtown Racine and Cari Greving from Real Racine, to tell us more about what makes Racine a special hometown. 

CBS 58 didn’t get the chance to visit all the wonderful places Racine has to offer. Here's a list of places suggested by viewers through the [email protected] email, and below are suggestions shared in Facebook comments.

  • Kewpee Sandwich Shop
  • KouZina
  • Racine Heritage Museum
  • Racine Public Library
  • Racine Urban Garden Network
  • Twin Dragon Games

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