Crime Stoppers: 1 year later, police continue to seek leads after man killed outside Fiserv Forum

Crime Stoppers: 1 year later, police continue to seek leads after man killed outside Fiserv Forum

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Gloria Shaw has been waiting almost a whole year to find out who killed her 23-year-old son Xavier Davis. As you can imagine, she is beyond frustrated.

"No results," Shaw said. "No leads, no information. No anything on who hit him, what happened, and why. I still have a lot of unanswered questions."

Milwaukee Police Officer Daniel Robinson who's been investigating Davis' case is beyond frustrated too.

"It's definitely frustrating that it's not solved," said Robinson. "I communicate with the mother of the victim regularly. At this point I would say 100 hours into investigating the case, following through on leads, recovering video, talking to people who thought they might have information. We could use fresh information and fresh leads to help."

Police are searching for a black Dodge Ram 1500 TRX in connection to the case.

"I would like the person that was driving the vehicle or the people who know who was driving the vehicle to come forward. Just do the right thing," said Robinson. 

Video shows the Dodge Ram pulling up to the corner of N. 6th Street, and West Juneau on Aug. 28, 2022 -- right outside Fiserv Forum at about 12:40 a.m. Moments before, detectives say the driver plowed into Davis and his friends as they were walking across the street, killing Davis. Detectives say they think the truck was stolen.

"It's a rare vehicle, very expensive and not something you see. There aren't many in the state, when this happened, I believe there were 40 of these trucks registered in the state of Wisconsin. We followed up and haven't found anything that indicates it's any of those.?"

Video shows the lights of the truck flicker, indicating there may be an electrical problem. 

"Too many people have lost their lives to reckless driving," said Robinson. "After Xavier there were at least seven that I knew of which was right after him. There has been so many more that you just can't count and it's not only downtown. It's citywide."

Each of these victims is a person like you, whose life most likely means something to someone. 

As for Davis, he was a student at MATC and an aspiring photojournalist. A hard worker whose mother said he had a heart of gold. He is his mother's only son. She called him her purpose in life. 

"We no longer have our loved one and it's in the hands of someone else who just bought another car decided to go out and start driving all over again," said Shaw. "The bottom line is, help me find who hit my son. Give me a little more closure so that I can move on and do some more great things for him in his legacy."

If you know who was driving the Dodge Ram during this incident, call Milwaukee Crime Stoppers at 414-224-8477. You can also submit a tip through the P3 Tips app. Boths ways are anonymous meaning no one will ever know you called. 

If your tip leads to an arrest you get cash.

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