Crime Stoppers: Suspect in brazen string of armed robberies remains on the loose

Crime Stoppers: Suspect in brazen string of armed robberies remains on the loose

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee man is still on the loose after going on a spree of robberies earlier this year, scaring customers and holding store workers at gunpoint. CBS 58 has obtained surveillance video and pictures to show exactly why investigators want him off the streets. 

The spree started Oct. 26 at the Family Dollar store on North 35th and Garfield in Milwaukee. 

Two men walked in, both fully masked and dressed in black from head to toe. The suspects stole the security guard's gun and ran out of the store breaking the glass on the way out. 

"One of the individuals involved in this robbery goes on to commit three additional incidents," said Milwaukee Police Department Detective John Shipman. 

MPD Detective John Shipman says a man in a gray stocking cap robbed two Walgreens and a corner store in less than two weeks at gunpoint. One at Walgreens on 51st and Capitol happened hours after the two suspects stole the gun -- the other one on 6th and Oklahoma on Oct. 30. 

In both, the suspect got money from the register and ran off. 

"Obviously those incidents by themselves are concerning," said Shipman. 

It's the robbery at Hannah Food Pantry, on North 59th and Hadley on Nov. 7, that has detectives most concerned. Because when the clerk hid behind the bulletproof glass and didn't hand over the money, the suspect got mad and shot at him. 

"That's extremely concerning," said Shipman. "It's an escalation in violence and the willingness of the suspect to engage in deadly force when he's we wanted to share the information with you guys in the hopes that someone could help us."

If you recognize anything about the suspect, you're urged to call Milwaukee Crime Stoppers at 414-224-8477. Your call is always anonymous. Any information you have could help and if your tip leads to an arrest you get cash. 

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