Deer District starts turning away fans before halftime, crowd projected at 65,000

NOW: Deer District starts turning away fans before halftime, crowd projected at 65,000

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Despite a projected crowd of more than 65,000 to watch Game 6 of the NBA Finals in the Deer District, it appeared there were more that wanted in.

Before halftime, fans were being turned away from the entrance of the outdoor viewing area.

Fans rolled into a packed Deer District, seeing a crowd they weren't used to seeing in the Brew City.

"It looks like New York right now," Sager Patel said. "It looks like Times Square."

"It's crazy," Allie Marion said. "We knew it was going to be packed, but we didn't realize how many people it is down here."

Fans from near and far flocked to the Deer District, many saying it's a once in a lifetime experience.

"Couldn't miss this opportunity," said fan Joanna Bautch. "I don't like crowds, but I was not gonna miss this opportunity to show up for the Milwaukee Bucks. We are Milwaukee homegrown, we had to show up."

"My oldest and youngest wanted to come to this game, I knew, really badly. And so I said, we're doing this. I'm 60 years old, we are not taking this money with us -- dad and I will stand outside," said Linda Froehlich. 

The Bucks cleared space for a second overflow lot, trying to increase capacity to 65,000 fans for the first time in the Deer District's history.

A good portion of the tens of thousands of fans are now veterans of the Deer District.

"This is phenomenal," Brye Hardel said. "This is my seventh game in a row being here, and holy kamoley, this is ridiculous."

The game also brought in dozens of thousands of new fans hoping to watch the Bucks make history.

 "This is awesome," Shuron White said. "It is wonderful. This is like history in the making. I know we're going to win tonight."

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