Elijah Vue's mother set for trial in neglect case; Jesse Vang's trial delayed

NOW: Elijah Vue’s mother set for trial in neglect case; Jesse Vang’s trial delayed

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – It has been more than three weeks since three-year-old Elijah Vue was reported missing in Two Rivers.

He has not yet been found.

His mother and her boyfriend have been arrested on accusations of child neglect and punishment of Elijah before his disappearance.

Katrina Baur and Jesse Vang both appeared virtually from Manitowoc County Jail for preliminary hearings Thursday.

Judge Robert Dewane said Vang still has not been assigned a public defender.

During his hearing, Vang asked to exercise his right to a speedy trial, and Judge Dewane said the request needs to be put in writing to the court.

Without a lawyer, Vang's hearing was quickly adjourned.

Elijah Vue's mother, Katrina Baur, chose to waive her preliminary hearing Thursday.

Her next court date will be an arraignment, where she is expected to be formally charged with felony chronic neglect of a child.

In court documents, Baur is accused of bringing her son Elijah to Vang for harsh discipline.

She's also accused of leaving her other child alone in a car in the cold for over an hour.

Some community members who have been searching for Elijah Vue were in the courtroom on Thursday.

"I just feel so bad for all the family. I know they really love him and they're missing him. So, I just wish someone would tell us, if he is out there, where is he," said Cheryl Rauen, a Manitowoc resident who has been searching for Elijah since day one.

Rauen said the situation has taken an emotional toll on the community.

"We all just sit here wondering, where is that little boy? Somebody needs to tell us. Whether he's gone or he's here. I think that's the big question for everybody right now," Rauen said.

Jesse Vang will be in court again Thursday, March 21.

Katrina Baur's arraignment hearing is Friday, March 22, at 4 p.m.

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