Family of achievers: Third Wisconsin Lutheran High School sibling achieves perfect ACT score

Family of achievers: Third Wisconsin Lutheran High School sibling achieves perfect ACT score

WAUWATOSA, Wis (CBS 58) --Tommy Doerr is a junior at Wisconsin Lutheran High School who just earned some pretty cool bragging rights in academics. He achieved a rare perfect score on his ACT test, the standardized test high school students across the country take in preparation for college admissions. But for Tommy's family, the achievement isn't unprecedented.

"I think we're all really blessed with good brains," said Doerr. "My two oldest brothers got a 36 and then the brother right above me got a 35 so... (laughs) it's kind of a joke. we make fun of him for it cause a 35 is still a really good score and he's going into [biochemical engineering] which is probably like the smartest field that any of us are going into."

Tommy says he loves school. He loves learning and getting involved in fun activities.

"I like history. It's fun just learning about stories. I also like language, especially doing presentations and I like speaking," he said. "I also do theater and I was the French chef in the Little Mermaid. I just enjoy doing silly stuff and having people laugh at me."

He says getting a perfect score was less about school pressure and expectations and more about family. "It was more like competition I guess with my brothers cause I'm planning to be a pastor and go to [Martin Luther College] and you don't really need a good ACT score for that," he said.

Tommy still recognizes the importance of the test and although he achieved perfection he still found parts challenging.

"The two harder parts were the English part. There were a few words that i wasn't completely sure on and also science was the hardest for me to get done in time because it's a lot of like reading and trying to figure everything out so that was the one i was worried most i wouldn't get through all the questions," he said.

Tommy is the 7th student at his school in seven years to get a perfect ACT score. School president Kenneth Fischer says he's proud to see his students making a mark.

"Over 14,000 alumni have come through. we've been at this particular site since 1958," said Fischer.

The campus is Wisconsin's largest private high school, with diversity shining through.

"It really represents students from around the city, our suburbs and literally around the globe. We have almost 70 international students. We have a dorm so its a very unique ministry in the state of Wisconsin and were very blessed to be able to do what we do," said Fischer.

Preparing students for their futures academic and otherwise is the focus and the ACT test plays a role in that.

"In the state of Wisconsin, every student as a junior is required to take the ACT," said Fischer. "It is an indicator of where you're at and the achievement level that you acquired in your life to that point as a junior."

Fischer says he hopes students take the test seriously while also maintaining a healthy level of stress. "We hope that every student as they take this test is able to stop and slow down and not be too stressed by it," he said.

And keeping calm was Tommy's secret.

"The biggest thing I did was like healthy habits before test day. Getting enough sleep. All that. I ran on test day, ate a good breakfast, brought snacks," said Doerr.

Tommy's advice to future act test takers is to just relax.

"Don't stress about it because it's not as big of a deal as people would have you think," he said. "There are more important things in life than getting a 36 on your ACT, like making good friends, and working on your social skills and being nice to other people and doing things to make the world a better place," he said.

"When a student gets a score like Tommy did, it's a team effort and we're proud of the whole team and i think tommy is a good example of someone who understands that he's standing on other shoulders," said Fischer.

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