Family still waiting for justice 3 years after Franklin woman's disappearance

NOW: Family still waiting for justice 3 years after Franklin woman’s disappearance

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --- It's been three years since a Franklin woman disappeared from her home. The case of Sandra Eckert is now considered a cold case and is being investigated as a homicide.

On the three-year anniversary of her disappearance, CBS 58 spoke to her son, Wes.

"That day three years ago rocked our entire family's world and the community," he said. Wes Eckert says he and his siblings are still waiting for justice and closure since their mom Sandy disappeared.

"They still have the officers working on it and stuff. It's just not as much of an everyday type of deal," said Eckert.

Investigators do not believe sandy is still alive but remains have not been located during search efforts over the last three years.

"Just recently I did speak with the police department down in Franklin and visited down there to give a DNA sample just to have that in the missing persons database if they do find more evidence that they can run that against," Eckert says.

Investigators named Sandra's husband and his brother persons of interest in the case but there hasn't been enough evidence to further proceed with charges.

"People within the family already know what happened, it's just a matter of proving it in court and I feel like we'll get there one day. It's just difficult with a no-body homicide. It's hard to try because one could still argue that she might still be out there somewhere, as unlikely as that might be," Eckert said.

The case has captured national attention and is featured in the latest season of a Paramount Plus docuseries called "Never Seen Again".

The family is hoping it continues to bring awareness to the case.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Franklin Police Department. 

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