'Feels like they are just getting started': Bucks advance in NBA In-Season Tournament

NOW: ’Feels like they are just getting started’: Bucks advance in NBA In-Season Tournament

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee Bucks defeated the New York Knicks,122-146, in the NBA's first In-Season Tournament Tuesday, Dec. 5.

The Bucks are still playing their scheduled 82 games this season, but some of those games had the power to advance a team to an extra game. Still, the rules of this tournament have left some fans with a lot of questions.

"I thought the rules were really confusing, hard to follow," said David Nordby, Bucks fan.

The first-of-its-kind NBA tournament has been tripping up everyone from new fans to long-time season ticket holders.

"I was confused as well, and I'm still a little bit confused," said Rodney Bourrage, a Bucks season ticket holder.

CBS 58 News Sports Director Kevin Holden said this new competition can be hard to follow.

"It can get easy to become confused by this tournament, no doubt about that," said Holden.

Holden went on to say this tournament is all about bringing the fans back to the stands.

"What they want to do is schedule something early in a regular season that's going to drum up interest more so than just games," said Holden.

The tournament tipped off at the beginning of November ahead of a long season for the NBA.

Holden said these in-season matches were a chance for more competition.

"To give fans something extra to root for early in the season, and this is perfect."

The Bucks' win Tuesday night put them one step closer to a championship game in Las Vegas.

Some fans said this tournament felt like history in the making.

"It was a really great experience, even for the history of Milwaukee," said Cruz Valeriano, Bucks fan.

"It feels like they are just getting started. I'm ready to see them more, it feels like we are in the playoffs all over again. Bucks in six," said fan Natalys Alayeto.

The Bucks have been undefeated in this tournament.

The Bucks are set to take on the Pacers in Las Vegas, Dec. 7.

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