Kenosha's well-known Model Market destroyed in fire

NOW: Kenosha’s well-known Model Market destroyed in fire

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A well-known neighborhood market in Kenosha was destroyed in a fire Wednesday night, Jan. 5.

Neighbors say this is a huge loss for the community.

They say Model Market has been around for at least 30 years, likely 50. 

Heavy winds blew smoke away from the scene for hours, covering multiple blocks and raising concerns of the fire spreading.

Case Manager in Workforce Development Sandra Kotz, who lives nearby, says Model Market was critical in the neighborhood.

"A lot of our clientele come from this neighborhood. This is the only place within a reasonable distance that people could get fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh meats. There is no other place, this is a food desert completely now for Kenosha."

Neighbors say the people who live above the market got out okay, but first responders have yet to confirm this information.

Model Market shared the following post on social media Wednesday night:

The public is asked to avoid the area near 54th Street and 23rd Avenue.

Police say there are several power outages in the area due to the blaze, and a city of Kenosha bus is parked at 55th Street and 24th Avenue providing temporary warmth to those who need it.

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