Gas prices rise, ending historic 14-week price decline

NOW: Gas prices rise, ending historic 14-week price decline


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Gas prices are on the rise again, ending a historic 14-week stretch of prices declining.

Experts are citing refinery issues for the rise, and as tropical storm Ian nears, consumers should prepare to pump out more dollars for their gas.

"I should be putting $20 in and making deliveries, but it hurts more when I put that amount in," said Shane Iverson, Milwaukee resident and DoorDash driver.

People in Milwaukee and throughout much of the nation felt some relief with gas prices going down, but that relief could come to a screeching halt.

"They're changing over from one blend to another," said Jim McGibany, associate professor and chairperson of economics department at Marquette University.

The new increase in prices comes after an intense summer at the pump, with gasoline averaging $4.47 nationwide.

Now, gas prices seemingly down nationwide, averaging $3.67 per gallon, and in Milwaukee averaging just below $4.

McGibany said the production of gasoline has experienced some roadblocks.

"The refineries in one part of the country have to send their products to another part of the country that reduces the supply and kind of pushes the price up."

Unwelcomed news for DoorDash drivers like Iverson who said his car is his livelihood.

"The lower the gas prices, the more money I take home. The higher the gas prices? The less money I take home."

Experts said this surge is temporary.

"It will probably plateau, if it’s a normal thing, once they change over completely and they are just making the winter blend across the country."

The states averaging the lowest gas prices are Mississippi, Louisiana, and Georgia, averaging $3.08 per gallon.

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