Gunfire near Gov. Evers' press conference impacts Milwaukee event

NOW: Gunfire near Gov. Evers’ press conference impacts Milwaukee event

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee police had a larger role in Governor Tony Evers' event than expected after someone fired about six shots from a moving car just minutes before it began.

The gunfire happened about a block and a half from Milwaukee's Dominican Center, where the press conference was being held Tuesday, Oct. 5. Police blocked off an area near Locust and 24th minutes later.

Evers then responded to questions about violence increasing in the city.

"Certainly violence prevention is a top priority for our administration, and it always has been," Evers said. "We'll be working with our national partners, and obviously the city of Milwaukee."

Evers was holding the press conference to speak about a $75 million investment in minority businesses. The Ethnic and Diverse Business Coalition said those types of investments can help prevent violence.

"More investments are important to things around just policing," EDBC Chair Marjorie Rucker said. "We're here talking about ethnic and diverse businesses in our state. And in Milwaukee, having strong businesses will help to solve a lot of the community ills."

This comes after Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said the city needs state help to curb violence. Evers said his office has had those discussions.

"I know we have at staff level, but I know we've talked about this issue of violence prevention, you know, forever."

Evers added those discussions need to keep happening.

"We'll have to have, you know, a system in place where violence prevention is a daily affair here in Wisconsin."

It did not appear anyone was injured by the gunfire, but MPD has not confirmed a lack of injuries.

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