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Neighborhood cleanup efforts follow weekend of demonstrations in Milwaukee

NOW: Neighborhood cleanup efforts follow weekend of demonstrations in Milwaukee


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Hundreds of people are switching their focus to cleanup efforts following the weekend's demonstrations.

After a weekend of tension and unrest, people in the Bronzeville neighborhood are trying to move forward. Business owners and activists have come together to clean up their community.

Burned rubble, shattered glass and graffiti are just some of the debris left behind.

There are empty cans of tear gas that were dispersed once the protests became violent.

People who are invested in the neighborhood don't want to see it look like this. They were out sweeping and picking up trash Monday.

The business owner of Center Street Wellness says he's shocked by what happened, but understands the need for change.

"We're united in the fact that things happen, but we're gonna keep working to make things better," said Joe Ferch of Center Street Wellness.

"What they saw last night, they may have woken up this morning with heavy hearts or feeling some kind of way, but when they see people out here cleaning, that lifts their spirits back up, that encourages them, that inspires them," said community activist Vaun Mayes.

A woman we spoke with says the least she can do is clean up. She'll come out every day if she has to.

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